This is the launching page for all the pictures that were taken at the R-Phils outing celebrating the Class of 1983 Turning 45. Click on the thumbnail picture to see a larger version, then hit the "RETURN" button to get back to this page.

Bev Weaver (Blank) and Pam DeTurk.

Karen Hix (Reinhart) and Joe Endy.

Darrin Risser & Chris Wysocki (Eisenhauer).

Sue White (Niggel) & Mark Dudash.

Lisa Balthaser & Denise Midgett (Axsmith).

Bill Kramer & Ruth Zerbe.

Tim Mueller.

Beth McNeil (Bubenheim), Mark Dudash, and Darrin Risser (Beth is hugging Tim Griffiths' son, Bryce).

Beth McNeil (Bubenheim), Tim Griffiths, Darrin Risser.

1st Row: Tim Muller, Beth McNeil (Bubenheim), Chris Wysocki (Eisenhauer), Lisa Balthaser, Pam DeTurk, Sue White (Niggel)

2nd Row: Karen Hix (Reinhart), Darrin Risser, Ruth Zerbe, Denise Midgett (Axsmith), Amy Ketner (Hartman), Judy Wetzel (Bower)

3rd Row: Joe Endy, Bill Kramer, Nelson Loeb, Mark Dudash, Tim Griffiths, Bev Weaver (Blank)

Bev Weaver (Blank), Judy Wetzel (Bower), Pam DeTurk, Amy Ketner (Hartman).

Tim Mueller.

Darrin Risser, Denise Midgett (Axsmith), Chris Wysocki (Eisenhauer).

Beth McNeil.

Darrin Risser, Karen Hix (Reinhart), & Sue White (Niggel).

Lisa Balthaser, Bill Kramer, & Ruth Zerbe.

Tim Griffiths.

Darrin Risser, Bill Kramer, & Lisa Balthsaser.

Denise Midgett (Axsmith), Bev Weaver (Blank), Joe Endy.

Beth McNeil (Bubenheim), Chris Wysocki (Eisenhauer).

Amy Ketner (Hartman), Sue White (Niggel), & Judy Wetzel (Bower)

Mark Dudash, Susan White (Niggel), & Chris Wysocki (Eisenhauer).

Joe Endy, Juday Wetzel (Bower), Bev Weaver (Blank), & Lisa Balthaser.

Beth McNeil (Bubenheim), Darrin Risser, Sue White (Niggel), & Chris Wysocki (Eisenhauer).

Mark Dudash, Darrin Risser, Tim Griffiths.