List of Clasmates We Need Help Locating

Here is a list of classmates who we have NO contact information. If you have any idea where these folks might be, or where we might begin trying to track them down (relatives, last known address, etc.), please click on the Update Classmate Information link above and send us an email.

Toni Amadoro
Karen Bagenstose
Jeff Balthaser
Michelle Berger
Reuben Blackwell
Tammy Blandford
Brad Breininger
Kevin Brown
Tim Clark
Cheryl Croll
Paul Fisher
Crystal Frey
Mike Heffner
Nancy Hein
Tadd Hess
Tim Hoss
Sue Jones
Masumi Kageyama
Darren Keller
Scott Koller
Daryl Kramer
Penny Kramer
Melvin Lonergan
Lance Rentschler
Mark Rohrbach
Crystal Schaner
Scott Schlenker
Lisa Schnabel
Gary Seaman
David Stine
Connie Stoudt
Julie Stump
Gary Tothero
Brian Trabosh
Troy Williamson
Sonja Wolf
Sherry Zweizig